Development of knowledge-based

Services: Visual identity development. Design.

Client: Cabinet of minister of innovation and technological development

Modern technological solutions and changes are redefining the ways of doing business, communications and priorities. The emphasis is on quality utilization of new technology and digital transformation. The one the main goals of the Cabinet of minister of innovation and technological development of the Government of the Republic of Serbia is to motivate the society and implement a variety of innovative projects and digital transformation as well as a society of innovation through the institutions of higher education, research and knowledge exchange.

BlackBox task was to create the visual identity of the Cabinet of the Minister for innovation and technological development. The inspiration for the design of promotional material comes from the active transformation that is happening in the field of modern business, and needs of modern society, market economy, consumers, institutions and culture: Grow. Achieve. Make. Digital transformation. The result is a clean design concept with unique colorful based on national code, design communicates synergy of national and modern.