Services: Brand identity. Packaging. Copy. Campaign.

Client: 13. jul Plantaže

A new chapter in history of Podgorica’s Plantaze company, marks with the opening of a magnificent wine cellar Šipčanik, 2007. The old military airfield was turned into an impressive wine treasury, 30 meters below the ground, in the form of a tunnel which is long 356 feet, over 7000 square meters, lies and old over two million liters of wine in the most modern wooden barrels.

Regarding to the authenticity of the object, the logical outcome of the matter is that to dedicate wine by Plantaže company to this impressive facility. BlackBox task was to develop and create packaging, and visual identity of the brand, which will be devoted to the basement Šipčanik. Inspiration come from the fact that each wine has its own story… Wine Šipčanik has its own unique story that is related to the cellar itself, its history, on the other hand this is a special wine and has added value because it can be found only in the basement Šipčanik.