Jekoderm – new image

Services: Creative & communication concetpt. Design management.

Client: Galenika a.d.

Jekoderm, the well – known product for skin care and regeneration of the Galenika a.d. company has been present in the market for over 65 years. This summer in a new visual and communication image. The task of the BlackBox team was to develop creative and communicative concept for outdoor and digital campaign. Campaign target was to create a clear association with the customer that Jecoderm is always a solution. To point out its applicable value in various situations as well as the fact that it has been present on the market for over 60 years. APPROACH: Holistic and modern. Clear communication to target groups on the functionality and value of the product itself (brand). INSPIRATION: The situations in which the product may be used. CONCEPT: Visually and communicatively coexistent/related solutions. Five different colloquial messages which directly associate with potential situations for using the product.