A hand full of flavor

Services: Market Analysis. Creative concept. Naming. Brand identity. Brand strategy. Brand position. Packaking development. Design management. Communications. BTL strategy. Digital strategy. Digital. Social media & Content management. influencer marketing.

Client: Vandrunen Farms Evropa

Handful is a freeze dried healthy low-calorie snack consisting of pure fruit. With Handful the preparation of meals or snacks becomes inspirational and easier, your mood gets better and your lifestyle habits become healthier, because it is 100% natural, without sugar, artificial colors and gluten free.

BlackBox’s task was to develop brand strategy, based on market and competition analysis in the area of ​​healthier snacks, and then conduct an analysis of potential flavors that will appear in the market through consumer focus groups and target audiences. Based on the results BlackBox team have developed brand identity and product name “HANDFUL”, strategic communication platform for five different flavors, BTL strategy, online and offline communication channels were set up, and digital strategy was implemented through the Handful values ​​and content management based on main key message (copy) : “A hand full of flavor”.